Architype to share Hospice Project at Healthcare Estates Conference


The Healthcare Estates annual conference and exhibition is set to take place this month on the 20-21st October at Manchester Central.

Through a presentation and live discussion, Architype’s Director, Mark Barry will share with the audience the recently completed St. Michael’s Hospice, a public hospice that revolutionises palliative care through the reevaluation of the design of hospice buildings.

St. Michael’s Hospice, Hereford, is an £11m charity funded project, offering free and exemplar hospice care to the county, providing inpatient and day care facilities. The building, which has been occupied since the beginning of 2015, has undergone 5 years of intensive research and preparations to deliver a final design that encompasses a number of important innovations to the sector as well as a rigorous sustainability agenda.

The final outcome is a highly ambitious, bespoke arrangement that is the result of in-depth consultation with patients, staff and infection control teams. Intensive research into nursing efficiencies, patient stimulation, visual recognition and healing colours have culminated in a unique design which is unlilke any other hospice facility in the UK.

Mark’s talk, which is titled ‘Revolutionising palliative care through design research and collaborative working,’ will be speaking at 16.55 on Tuesday 20th October. To find out more about the conference and how to attend, please visit the Healthcare Estates website.