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Jemma Ho

Jemma Ho

Architectural Assistant
BSc Architecture and current MArch student.

Jemma joined Architype as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant in 2021 whilst completing her final year of undergraduate studies at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. She is now studying for her MArch/Part 2 qualification.

Since joining Architype, Jemma has assisted in RIBA Stage 4 Technical Design of the Passivhaus Maybury Primary School in Edinburgh and is also involved in the early stages of a green retrofit of Maylord Shopping Centre in Hereford City centre.


Jemma graduated from the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University (WSA) in 2021. During her studies she was selected as one of three students to partake in a semester exchange for architecture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in Australia, where civic architecture and passive design studies was introduced to her. She has also studied at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) for engineering, innovation, entrepreneurship and project management studies. Jemma has recently passed her BSc at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.