Architype and industry partners launch ECCOLAB v2


Architype are pleased to join industry partners as we launch the next generation ECCOLAB energy, carbon and cost design tool. 

The new tool helps designers, educators, developers and construction teams quickly find out the energy, carbon and cost impact of their projects, making it a game changer in zero-carbon design.

It’s a next-generation platform, with intelligent reporting, cloud-based processing and an enhanced data library.

Co-founded by Architype, ECCOLAB informs project briefs, improves design decisions and increases efficiency, delivering best value and reducing environmental impact. The tool was created to help designers, contractors and building developers intelligently map out the impacts of a project, testing options efficiently to save time and money.

Speaking at the online launch, Architype director and Alliance for Sustainable Buildings board member Ben Humphries said: 

“This is something the industry has been crying out for. There is a real lack of insight about carbon impact, energy use and critically, cost, in early and later stage design. ECCOLAB gives you rapid data for, for example, how changing the number of floors or window volume in a building or the floor finish will impact the building’s embodied carbon or cost.

Along with our partners we have worked hard to upgrade the tool to make it even easier to use and expand the powerful data engines behind the scenes to make it a really accurate and practical design tool. We all know the industry is failing to meet carbon targets with a shocking number of buildings being designed now that will not hit carbon targets, causing catastrophic climate change. ECCOLAB gives you real data and rapid insight to help you meet the challenge.  

ECCOLAB is really a design laboratory – instead of designing a building and statically assessing carbon and then going back to the drawing board again and again, you can very quickly test out variations in building design in real time to find the best solution.”

Ben Humphries, James Todd and Wendy Bishop presented the new tool at an online launch on 21st April.

Watch the recording here and visit the new ECCOLAB website here.

With subscriptions to suit every budget, and training to further boost design capability, ECCOLAB v2 offers a powerful resource to designers, engineers, and built environment professionals committed to a zero carbon future.

To learn more about the tool and find out more about how ECCOLAB can transform your designs, contact the team here.

ECCOLAB was created by four expert partners:

  • Architype: A pioneering ecological architectural practice with expertise in low carbon, sustainable and beautiful design that works for people and planet
  • ChampmanBDSP: An international consulting engineering practice, specialising in building services engineering and the built environment
  • Currie and Brown: An asset management and construction consultancy driven by innovation. 
  • Green Space Live: An innovative green building internet company that provides software solutions to increase energy efficiency in the built environment