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Marta Yubero Abad

Marta Yubero Abad


Marta joined Architype’s Edinburgh studio in 2022 and has contributed to work on the Hereford Museum and Art Gallery as well as BIM coordination on Currie Community Campus

Marta is passionate about sustainability, believing that passive building approaches and studied design can create a positive impact on people's lives.


Marta graduated from the Spanish University of San Pablo CEU (USPCEU) in 2017. Whilst studying, she participated in a bilateral exchange with the University of Diego Portales in Santiago de Chile, where she studied for a year. She also participated in a workshop with the Chinese University of Zhejiang and from both experiences, learned the importance of traditional and vernacular building techniques, and their impact on adaptation to local climates and resources.

In addition to her degree in architecture, Marta has studied digital modelling and project management extensively, gaining a masters degree in BIM.