Architype host Employee Ownership Exchange


Photo of all practices networking on roof terrace

Last Thursday the Architype London Office welcomed fellow Employee Ownership companies, Max Fordham Engineers and architects Cullinan Studio to our office for an opportunity to share thoughts and experiences on Employee Ownership and an opportunity to take advantage of the good weather on the roof terrace!

The evening was a great opportunity to find out about the diverse variation of EO practice structures, and the positive influence that it can have on practice-wide decision-making processes. It was also interesting to hear how EO influences the day-to-day habits and routines in each practice; the tea time breaks; the gardening competitions and the unique social activities that make working in each office so special.

Each company presented their story of how they came to be Employee Owned and what it means to them, before giving an insight into the inspiring range of projects and services that the practices offer. One over-arching theme united the three practices; ‘How design can have a positive impact on the well-being of building users and the wider environment?’

It was particularly inspiring for Architype since both Max Fordham and Cullinan Studio are fully Employee Owned and therefore it gave an insight into Architype’s future, if or when we become 100% Employee Owned.

Thanks all for a wonderful evening!

Round Table discussion at Architype officePresentations from Max Fordham